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I. Prices – gas injection systems

Budget class

4 cylinder

Intermediate class

4 cylinder

6 cylinder

High class – self-adapting!

4 cylinder

6 cylinder

8 cylinder

In the price of the kit’s is included cylindrical tank till 40 lit.

You can also choose extras:

The company is ready to consider any kind of trading with other workshops and stores for the above shown gas injection systems excluding the installing.

5 years warranty as well as 0% leas promotions are for the Intermediate and High class systems. For the Budget ones the warranty is 2 years.

II. Prices – Conventional systems



5 years warranty

Warranty conditions and prices!

For the safe and non-trouble work of your injection gas system and for meeting the warranty, the following service is must:

Each 10 000 km – 36.00 lv

1. Changing of liquid filter phase

2. Changing of gas filter phase

3. Checking of the condition of the gas and water hoses and their joints

4. Hermetical checking

5. Checking of the software condition and the conditions of the main elements of the system

Each 30 000 km – 75.00 lv.

1. Changing of injector rail, or changing of the gas injectors

Each 80 000km. – 85.00 lv.

1. Changing of the reducer consumers and cleaning it